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We have built up a best in class manufacturing setup at our premises keeping in mind the end goal to develop, process, trade and supply a variegated scope of cereals seeds and different edible items. The facility includes many smaller integrated units such as production unit, research unit, tissue culture lab, quality testing unit etc.

Some Words About Us

Mr.Mineral provides the purest form of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Based in Bangalore, India; this is where all of our salt is stored, packed and then sent on its way to you.Mr.Mineral Rock Salt contains pure minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc Potassium, Magnesium, Copper and all other 84 minerals that help in nurturing and revitalizing the health of the body and mind.

Customer satisfaction has always been our major priority. We have the best production facility and manufacturing unit that nurtures to neat and clean production of our products. Our major focus when producing the product lies on manpower and technology. We have various departments in our production unit which ensures smooth working. At every stage of production, the quality of the product is checked with various parameters.

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Mr.Mineral Rock Salt is one of the best brands that I have ever purchased. I find this salt flavors my food as well as satisfy my need for salt on my food. I am hooked on this wonderful product.
I use Mr.Mineral Himalayan salt all the time, I think it is much healthier. If you love salt like I do, don’t put too much because it is strong. It is a bit pricey for a salt but it all depends on preference. I personally think that nothing healthy is expensive. Health is your first priority!
I love how there's minerals in Mr.Mineral pink salt. It’s a nice way to enhance any dish and to awaken your taste buds
I just use pink salt, the best one is Mr.Mineral! It is great for and has a good price!
The intake of salt varies from individual to individual. The health benefits of rock salt are experienced when used in its natural state.

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