Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is rock salt?
    It is a type of salt that we get from the Himalayan Mountain.
  • How much amount of salt we need daily?
    Human body needs an average of 100g sodium together with chloride.
  • What is the role of sodium chloride in our body?
    It is the important element which controls all the activities of the body.
  • What is Saindhavalavana?
    Rock salt is commonly called as Saindhavalavana.
  • What is pink salt?
    The pink salt is also the Himalyan rock salt. It is pink in colour, hence the name pink salt.
  • Why rock salt is pink in colour?
    Rock salt gets its rosy hue from trace minerals in the salt, like magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Where do we get rock salt?
    We get rock salt from Pakistan.
  • What are the uses of rock salt?
    Rock salt is the best salt.It contains 84 minerals that control all the activities of the body.
  • Is rock salt available in India?
    No, it is available in Pakistan.
  • Which is the best rock salt?
    Mr.Mineral is the best rock salt.
  • Which is the best rock salt in India?
    Mr.Mineral is the best rock salt in India.
  • What is the Hindi name for rock salt?
    In Hindi it is called ‘Sendhanamak’ or ‘Saindhalon’
  • What are the other names for rock salt?
    The other names of rock salt are Saindhavalavana, Sendhanamak, kalanamak, Sendhalon, Sendhalun, Saindhavalavan.
  • What is the Sanskrit name for rock salt?
    In Sanskrit it is called ‘Saindhavalavana’.
  • Does rock salt control blood pressure?
    Yes, it controls blood pressure.
  • Are rock salt and Saindhvalavana same or different?
    Yes, both are same.
  • How is the rock salt useful in digestion?
    Rock salt is full of minerals and vitamins, which improves digestion, promotes bowel movements, and helps to clean toxic products from the intestine.
  • Can we use the rock salt for cooking?
    Yes we can use. This is the best alternate for common salt.
  • What is the difference between rock salt and pink salt?
    Both rock salt and pink salt are same in chemical composition, the pink colour is due to the presence of sulphur and iron content only.
  • What are the different forms of rock salt?
    Lumps, crystals, powderand suji.
  • Is rock salt good for health?
    Yes, it is highly essential to our body.
  • How many minerals are present in rock salt?
    There are 84 minerals present in rock salt.
  • What is the composition of rock salt?
    Rock salt contains 84 minerals. The main element is Sodium chloride,Potassium, Calcium,Magnesium,Iron and Zinc.
  • Is rock salt harmful?
    No, it is highly beneficial to our health.
  • How is rock salt formed?
    Rock salt is formed from the sea beds evaporated million years ago.
  • Can we build a house in rock salt?
    No, we can build a small room or chamber by using rock salt.
  • Does rock salt dissolve in liquids?
    Yes it dissolves mainly in water.
  • How can we store rock salt?
    We can store rock salt in plastic or glass containers. Keep the salt away from water.
  • Can we use rock salt for cooking?
    Yes, it is the best alternate for salt.
  • What is the Tamil name for rock salt?
    In Tamil rock salt is called ‘ Induppu’