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Mr.Mineral provides the purest form of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Based in Bangalore, India; this is where all of our salt is stored, packed and then sent on its way to you.Mr.Mineral Rock Salt contains pure minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc Potassium, Magnesium, Copper and all other 84 minerals that help in nurturing and revitalizing the health of the body and mind.

Customer satisfaction has always been our major priority. We have the best production facility and manufacturing unit that nurtures to neat and clean production of our products. Our major focus when producing the product lies on manpower and technology. We have various departments in our production unit which ensures smooth working. At every stage of production, the quality of the product is checked with various parameters.
Himalayan Pink Salt is a salt that is mined near the Himalayas in Pakistan and it is naturally pink in colour. The Kherewa salt mine is the oldest salt mine that extracts pink Himalayan salt. It is also considered as the largest mine in the world. The pink Himalayan salt taken from these mines is believed to have formed millions of years ago from the evaporation of ancient bodies of water. This salt is considered to be more natural because it is hand –extracted, minimally processed and free from additives. It contains sodium chloride just like the normal salt. It gets the pink colour because of the natural harvesting method and the presence of minerals. Most of the people claim that this salt contains 84 minerals that help in keeping our body healthy.

Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt is 100% Natural containing 84+ Minerals has been used for Thousand and Thousands of years as a Healthy Salt and Therapeutic Cure because it was originally sourced only from a handful of spots tucked away in the Himalayan Mountain Range. It became immensely valuable and continues to be valuable today. Himalayan salt is effectively as an all-natural remedy.

Total customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of our company. We are equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit and production facility. Our production unit works on the basis of technology and manpower. To ensure the smooth working of the manufacturing unit, we divided the process into various departments. We at Geewin Exim export premium quality products that match international standards. Our quality analysts conduct stringent quality control measures to ensure the durability of the products. The quality of the product is checked on various parameters at every stage of production. Our main product range comprises of rice, Indian vegetables, Indian spices, Coconut, coir products, nuts, pulses, and safety matches.