Black Rice

Black rice ( also known as purple rice ) is a range of rice types from Oryza sativa species. It is a medium sized grain with a black husk(outer covering)from outside and plethora of health benefits inside. It is cultivated in the Asian continent with an infamous name of forbidden rice. Black rice in India is more common in the eastern parts of India namely Assam, Manipur being the major states of cultivation. The trend of “black rice India” is increasing due to the awareness campaigns and people becoming health conscious.

There are many varieties of rice currently available, from traditional long grain basmati to short grain Jasmine rice and Swarna rice. Specialties such as basmati with high carbohydrate content very famous in the Gulf countries and the so-called brown rice which is portrayed with high Health benefits. Long grain rice is very delicious in the many international dishes of Asia, India, and Spain. Brown rice mainly promoted as rice with tons of health benefits is consumed in the western continent namely United States, United Kingdom and some parts of the European Continent.

Black rice in India

Often said “Eat well, Stay Well”, Black rice in India is the new SUPERFOOD


Since Indians are now becoming aware of the fact that nutrition is extremely important for your overall health, Black rice can just add to your basket of diet. You will be amazed by the health benefits it offers. Having a plethora of nutrition, Here are a few:-

  1. Dietary fiber:-One serving has 6 grams of dietary fiber. Rich fiber contents help in regulating bowel movements, cures indigestion, helps in constipation, prevents bloating and gastric problems.
  2. Low in carbohydrates:-High in fiber and low in carbohydrates, black rice is the best food for people who love rice and want to remain fit. It also lowers the risk of obesity, so no need to avoid rice from now on because this is the one which can fulfill both the needs.
  3. High protein content:-We all know how important proteins are in building your overall physique. Black rice has 25% more proteins compared to polished white rice. Each serving has 8.5 grams protein compared to 6.7 grams of white rice.
  4. Natural detoxifier:-The toxins created by free radical present in the food we eat leads to diseases such as liver dysfunction, diarrhoea, increase in triglycerides. Black rice cleanses the liver which in return detoxifies our entire body.
  5. Cures Diabetes:-Diabetes is a disease incurable till death. Consuming a portion once in two weeks can control the sugar levels thus, a diabetic patient can live his life without having diabetic pills and drugs.


Black rice was first cultivated in Ancient China and some parts of India and Myanmar in India. This rice was consumed only by the elites and Emperors because of its numerous health benefits and scarcity. The Chinese Emperor had put restrictions and cultivation and harvest of this type of rice. There are rumours that the farmers had to pay a death penalty if they cultivated this rice without informing the King. Hence, The name Forbidden Rice.


Except for being extremely healthy, It is very delicious. Unpolished black rice is very tasty can be cooked in olive oil, white wine, and salt for 15 to 20 minutes to make a great variety of salads and dressings. Organic, Black, Glutinous Rice, Caprine Agrotech are one of the highest organic Black Rice suppliers, and We have all kinds of Rice available for sale.In Europe, the increasing demand has led to higher availability of aromatic rice varieties and a small, high-value segment of colorful rice. Brown rice is consumed in Europe as a healthier alternative to polished white rice, according to the sources of the industry. Now its time to replace brown rice with black rice. Being a healthier choice than white rice and brown rice, the price of black rice does not vary much. Black rice price is slightly on the upper side of your pocket. One can consider importing it from countries such as India because Black rice price in India is considerably lower than other countries in the Asian continent.Chakra-hao – Aromatic Black rice or Forbidden rice has been eaten in Asian regions for thousands of years, in fact, for centuries, it has been reserved for only Chinese royalty. Today, the kind of rice is gaining popularity and appearing in more health food stores across the united states, Australia and Europe, as people discover the many health benefits that black rice has to offer. Peeled brown rice ( rice ) which, although mechanical rules removed the husks, is still closed in the pericarp. Rice can also be ground to remove the pericarp ( the outer layer of rice that is still present in brown rice).Pakistan and India are the most extensive rice growers and exporters, and it is mainly cultivated by paddy field farming in the Punjab region. As with most long grain rice, cooked Basmati rice can be identified by its fragrance. White rice, red rice, and brown rice have been around for a long time, but black rice can become the apparent winner of the diet and health benefits.


Good things come with a price. Comparatively, black rice is on the higher side of your pocket when we consider its consumption. This is because it is rarely available and the business hasn’t grown much yet. In the coming years, when bulk production will be made available, the price for Black rice may go down. Our company (Caprine Agrotech) has started the supply of black rice with the motivation to provide healthy nutrition in all households. Caprine Agrotech is one of the few exporters which are supplying organic black rice in the European Market.